Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan

Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan, born in 1961, is the first grandson of Padmasri Nataykalakesari Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Plillai and the elder son of Kalaimamani Natayakalasamrat Vazhuvoor Samraj. A tutor by his own merit, Vazhuvoor Palaniappan, learnt his initial music from his maternal grand father, the illustrious Chidambaram S. Goplakrishnan, elder brother of Chidambaram C.S. Jayaraman, an accomplished singer who captivated millions of audience with his unique voice & style for over two decades.

Vazhuvoor Palaniappan extended his learning skills in other facts of music too by being trained in Mridangam from Vidwan Ratnasabapathi & Vidwan Vinayagaram. Vazhuvoor Palaniappan's childhood interest in Dance was so intense that he set out to learn the basics from Guru Muthuswamy Pillai before becoming a part of his Grand father Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai & Vazhuvoor Samraj's dance profession. Vazhuvoor Palaniappan started learning Nattuvangam at the age of 12 and was accompanying his father's concerts right from the year 1978. Vazhuvoor Palaniappan grasped the finer aspects of the Vazhuvoor Bhani by being dedicated to his grand father & father's dancing school in Madras. He has had the rare privilege of watching Kumari K.J Sarasa, Chitra Visveswaran, Dr.Padma Subramaniam, Kamala & Radha, Kanaka, E.V. Saroja being tutored by his grand father & father. Maintaining the Vazhuvoorar Tradition through their dancing careers all of them blossomed into dancing greats and have left a stamp of Vazhuvoor Bhani, that is being currently pursued by Vazhuvoor Palaniappan in his dancing school "Vazhuvoor Classical Bhartanatya Art Center".

Vazhuvoor Palanaiappan Strives meticulously in maintaining the trend of "classical perfection" set by the Legends Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai & Vazhuvoor Samraj. It is an undisputed fact that the legends worked in unison to bring to the art a new scintillation and lustre, which codified the "VAZHUVOOR STYLE of Bharatha Natyam". Vazhuvoor Style as being professed by Vazhuvoor Palaniappan is noted for its elegance, grace, polished perfection, spiritual dignity, and poses as depicted in ancient sculptures. Vazhuvoor Palaniappan has performed both as accompanying artist and as a Solo artist in "Nattuvangam" ever since 1978. Setting up Vazhuvoor Classical Bharatnatya Art center, he along with his younger brother Vazhuvoor Kumaran have ensured promoting young talent in Classical Music through their annual music festival that has been held for over 25 years.

Vazhuvoor Palaniappan has chosen to spread the Vazhuvoor Tradition far & wide by assisting Smt. Jayanthi Ramachandra (one of the finest disciples of Vazuvoor Samraj) in her efforts to retain the tradition of Vazhuvoor Bhani through her Dance school "Sree Charan Fine Arts Academy".

Some of his Programs

Arangetram of Jayanthi Rajagopal and Many others with his father
Ulaga Tamil Manadu held in Mauritis
Swati Tirunal Festival in Travancore Palace
Chicago Aurora during Mahakumbabishekam of Srinivasa Temple
Andal Charitram
Bhartanatyanjali in Tanjore Brahadeswarar temple
Festival Celebrations of 1000 years held at the Tanjore Big Temple
World Classical Tamil meet
Tiruvarur Music College
Karur Music College