In the year 1987, as a student of std IX, Mangala Srinivansan was brought into this dance school, by her mother who opted for the best dance school in Chennai. She was joined under the tutelage of Vazhuvoor R Samraj, and learn the art with keen interest. She also learnt the art under the guidance of Vazhuvoor Samraj's elderson Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan. It was a privilege for Mangala to have the presence of Vazhuvoor Shri B Ramiah Pillai in her Salangai Pooja.

Due to the passion of this parampara art she was married Vazhuvoor S Kumaran , the younger son of Vazhuvoor Samraj. Being Daughter of a leading Doctor N Srinivasan and a student of Sociology in Stella Maris mangala also spent time on learning this art . She now conducts dance classes by supporting her husband Vazhuvoor Samraj Kumaran, and has done arengetrams since 2002, and many programs in India, with the student of this school .Being a daughter in law of Vazhuvoor samraj, Mangala Kumaranis also contributing her part with full effort and decidication to the art to spread this unique parampara art.