Smt.Vazhuvoor Kala Senthilnathan

Being born in a Vazhuvoor Parampara, at the age of nine Smt.Vazhuvoor Kala Senthilnathan started her journey in exploring Vazhuvoor Style of bharathanatyam. She was initiated to learn the Dance, Nattuvaangam and Jathi korvai with keen interest of her own under the guidance of her father and guru Vazhuvoor R.Samraj.

In the year 1984, Kala for the first time accompanied her father in nattuvaangam in their own dance school festival.She also had opportunity to perform at nattuvaangam in various performances held at Delhi, Malaysia,and also in ulaga Tamil maanadu held at Mauritius along with her father.

Her adorable interest in Drawing and craft making which helped her to design a pamphlet for her father Vazhuvoor R.Samraj and also for many students of their dance school.Kala also performed nattuvaangam for leading graceful dance artists Mrs.kanaka Srinivasan and Jayanthi Ramachandra.Her article in Thinamani is evident for her talents.

Kala's passion towards dance made her to turn into guru at younger age.She contributing herself as a guru accompanying her brother Sri Vazhuvoor Samraj Kumaran in teaching the students of Vazhuvoor classical bharathanatya arts academy Chennai . To implement the original style of Vazhuvoor bani Smt Kala was associated as a guru in Shree Charan Fine Arts Academy - Coimbatore since past 10 years by Smt. Jayanthi Ramachandra Director of the school.Kala is also doing arangetram for students of these schools.

To uphold the tradition of Vazhuvoor Parampara smt.Vazhuvoor Kala Senthilnathan passing out the essence of Vazhuvoor bani with perfection to her very own daughters S.Krithika and S.Shanmuga priya with the blessing of Vazhuvoor R.Samraj though he is not with us now his blessings and his spiritual dance style still guide us and live in this world.