Smt. Sridevi Sendhil

Smt Sridevi Sendhil is the grand daughter of Padmasri Nataykalakesari Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Plillai and daughter of Kalaimamani Natayakalasamrat Vazhuvoor Samraj. She started her journey in exploring Vazhuvoor Style of bharathanatyam at a very young age. She was initiated to learn the Dance, Nattuvaangam and Jathi korvai with keen interest of her own under the guidance of her father and guru Vazhuvoor R.Samraj.

She grasped the finer aspects of Vazhuvoor Bhani by being dedicated to her grandfather and father's dancing school in Chennai. After marriage she was in Australia and she continued her passion towards dance which made her turn into guru at a very young age.

She has now set up a branch in velachery, "Vazhuvoorar Natya Gurukulam", where she teaches the famous Vazhuvoor Bhani style of dancing to many young aspirants and is creating a mark in the field of dance.